Must haves for a desi girl’s wardrobe:

Are you someone who loves fashion and styling your outfits as much as I do then you’re at the right place. I have been building my closet for months now. I recently got into it and I love experimenting and picking every item of clothing very carefully and knowing what goes with what. Even when... Continue Reading →

What I’m hooked on these days

When I stumbled upon Dynasty’s thumbnail for the first time on Netflix, it gave me a very ‘white rich snooty people’ kind of vibe and when I watched it, I was absolutely right. I began watching this show because of Elizabeth Gillies. I have been in love with her since I watched Victorious. She has... Continue Reading →

Best affordable foundation

Looking for an affordable foundation that won’t break the bank? HERE IT IS! Are you someone who is looking for a foundation that won’t cost you a lot and will actually look good on you no matter how your skin is? Well, here’s your answer: Essence soft touch mousse make-up Packaging: It is a mousse... Continue Reading →

A Beginner’s guide to makeup

A Rookie's Guide to Makeup Are you someone who has been fascinated with makeup but never knows where to start? Or you’re just someone who wants to learn basic things. There are just too many steps and too many products and you do not know what to do? Here's your ultimate guide and I'll go... Continue Reading →

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