A Beginner’s guide to makeup


A Rookie’s Guide to Makeup

Are you someone who has been fascinated with makeup but never knows where to start? Or you’re just someone who wants to learn basic things. There are just too many steps and too many products and you do not know what to do? Here’s your ultimate guide and I’ll go step by step to make it easier for y’all beauties.


Primer is considered the foundation of makeup. It helps your makeup sit better on your skin and makes it last longer. Some people skip this step but it is crucial to use a primer if you want to have a good makeup day. There are various types of primer. Some primers are moisturizing and some are pore filling. Some can be both.


Every skin is different and the foundations for every skin can vary. You may like one foundation and some other person might end up hating the same foundation. The key is to know your skin type and find the foundation that suits you whether you have oily, dry or combination skin. Choosing the right shade for your skin is one of the most important things and I cannot emphasize this enough. Choosing the wrong shade of foundation can be a disaster.


We’re all perfect in our own ways but everybody needs a little help sometimes. Haven’t been sleeping well? Want to cover up an acne scar or your dark circles? Concealer is the answer. Concealer is used to cover up imperfections. You can choose concealer exactly the same shade as your skin or you can go one shade light and use it as a way of highlighting your face. Don’t go overboard with the concealer. Use it sparingly and wisely.


Setting your cream products with powder is very important as the powder keeps the creams in place and does not let them move. Take any kind of powder you want and lightly dust it on your face starting from the middle to the sides. You can use loose as well as pressed powder. The powder also helps keep the oil at bay.


Go for more peachy tone bushes as they look more natural. Take a fluffy blush brush, tap it into your blush lightly, tap the excess off and go on the apples of your cheeks. Go very light because you can always add more but can’t take the excess off without ruining your foundation.


Bronzer gives a little dimension to your face but if you’re a beginner, you can skip this step.


Highlighter is used at the high points of your face which include top of your cheekbones, brow bone and on the temple. Choose your highlighter according to your skin. Go for darker or golden-ish highlighters if you have tan skin tone and go for lighter highlighters if you have a fair skin tone. Apply highlighter on the high points of your face to get that goddess glow.


Some people prefer applying their eyeshadow before foundation as they can wipe the excess off without messing up their foundation and some people choose to do it after they’ve applied their base products. And other people choose not to do it all and that’s totally up to you. Do not forget to use an eyeshadow primer. Apply mascara, eye liner and your false lashes if you want to.


Put on your favorite lipstick and conquer the world, girl. You can get whatever type of lipstick you want. It can be satin, matte, liquid matte, liquid satin or just a simple gloss. Lipstick will pull your entire look together.

Makeup setting spray:

Who doesn’t want to make their makeup last longer and keep it grease free? Well, a good makeup setting spray is the way to go. You can get a mattifying spray if you have oily skin and a dewy setting spray if you have dry skin and want a little bit of glow. Invest in a good makeup setting spray as it increases the longevity of your makeup and is absolutely necessary.

And ta-daaa! You look bomb af. Good luck.






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