Don’t know what that tear shaped squishy foam thing is? Here’s your guide.


The first step to knowing makeup is learning how to use the tools to apply it.

Do you know what that squishy round foam thing is for? How many times have you bought a sponge thinking it’s a makeup sponge (or a beauty blender) and ended up with a weird sponge that doesn’t work and ends up soaking your foundation? Do you even know how differentiate between a real and fake sponge? Well, I’m here to help.

Everybody knows what a makeup sponge is. It is a piece of sponge which is used to apply makeup to get smooth application (Duh!).


Take your makeup sponge, soak it in water and squeeze out the excess water. This turns your sponge very soft and squishy. Then you can take your foundation on your hand or on whatever surface you prefer or simple apply a little on your face and stamp the makeup sponge on your face softly to blend in your foundation.

What NOT to do:

Do not use a dry makeup sponge because it ends up soaking up the entire product and you end up wasting a lot of it. ALWAYS use a damp makeup sponge.


Difference between the real and the fake ones:

The best possible difference I can tell you is that the real ones are very soft and squishy. Also, when you soak them in water, they increase A LOT in size. The ones that don’t increase in size are the fake ones. The fake ones are also very firm.

How to save yourself from fake makeup sponges:

Invest in makeup sponges from a well-known good brand of makeup. Do not buy makeup sponges that are cheap like the ones you can find on various sites for about 50-300 rupees. Or the best one is the actual beauty blender (which is expensive) but it is definitely worth it.



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